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Add.:No.176,Cidong Road Jiangbei District,Ningbo,China
Contact Person: Ruby
 E-mail : jhc_sales@nbhcdj.com
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Ningbo Jiangbei Jinhongcheng Electric Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Jiangbei Bosheng Electric Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Address:No.176,Cidong Road, Jiangbei District,Ningbo,China
Contact Person: Ruby                                                                                                                                                              
Tel.:86-574-87677345; 86-574-87677605
E-mail :jhc_sales@nbhcdj.com; jhc@nbhcdj.com

Add: No.176,Cidong Road Jiangbei District,Ningbo,China      
Contact Person: Ruby Tel.:86-574-87664076 E-mail:jhc_sales@nbhcdj.com
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