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  The tricycle motors on the market today are divided into two categories: brush motors and brushless wheel motors. Brush motors are very mature, but with a distinct disadvantage: starting torque is small; overload ability is poor; depletion current is big, continuing course is short; changing the carbon brush and deposition of carbon brush carbon causing the electrical short circuit, so the motor life is short. The brushless motor widely used in the market, weakness was also evident: poor carrying capacity, can only be used for recreational tricycles; one of the wheel hub motor and two-wheelers have been necessary, and for the tricycle bearing pressure, easily deformed, as broken wheel caused disability have occurred. At the same time the controller match the motor tricycle on the market are borrowing the configuration of two-wheelers. There is no requirement for the usage of the motor tricycle configuration, leading to the controller and the motor does not match the efficiency is low, the motor failure rate, life expectancy decreased, affecting the vehicle's use of effects and corporate image.
   To avoid the above disadvantages of tricycle motors and controllers, combined with the advantages of two-wheelers brushless motors, Jinhongcheng Company jointed Zhejiang University and Huazhong Science and Technology University, developed a permanent magnet brushless motors and brushless big match power controller family, completely solve the current bottleneck in the development problems tricycle, brushless motor and controller is the perfect combination of braking more harmonious, more powerful!
  Brushless motor is the crystal of Jinhongcheng Company and Zhejiang University. The series is from the Zhejiang University Professor, permanent magnet motor experts led by Mr. Shen Jianxin team, responsible for Jinhongcheng enterprise in the market, after a year of bulk delivery and improved, the products have been very mature, meet and exceed the market’s requirements. The product uses the most advanced simulation / analysis software and integrated design methods for efficient magnetic pole permanent magnet motor design and use of the national invention patent technology to improve the operational characteristics of the motor, significantly reduced the motor of the patent the cogging torque and electromagnetic torque ripple caused by the electrical vibration and noise, improve the efficiency of the motor and electromagnetic properties, improving production technology, the motor's cost, loss, output and other indicators integrated optimized to achieve the best cost-effective.
   Permanent magnet brushless motors in the home is a typical environmental protection, energy saving products. It can further play a permanent magnet motor structure is simple, reliable, small size, light weight, high energy density, low loss, high efficiency, starting torque, strong overload characteristics, in particular, to further improve the motor efficiency, with the least achieve the best energy performance requirements, so as to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. Tricycle dedicated controller is the crystal of Jinhongcheng Company and Huazhong University, matching the motor tricycle products. The series are divided into brush and brushless controller. Cultivation of the product platform and state-level computer simulation test platform, to create a core module of the controller. In particular, the use of imported brushless controller mosfet power transistor (12 or more), can output a large starting torque and high-performance protection, overload protection and effective realization of the demand functions such as tricycles. Tricycle dedicated high-performance controller is a kind of brake products. It has four core strengths: withstand high heat without damage; for long-term use of high current and low heat; starting torque force, strong climbing performance; limit real-time monitoring, self-regulating control.

 We adhering to the "technological innovation, integrity and pragmatic, customer-oriented, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy and core values, welcomed the cooperation and achieve win-win! For your needs - our fastest speed, best products, best service to meet your enterprise.


Add: No.176,Cidong Road Jiangbei District,Ningbo,China      
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